Publication date: 05.02.2024


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The launch webinar opening Targi Kielce Hackathon – Trade fair events on the way to green transformation is behind us. In the event organised as part of the BioBoosters project gathered more than fifty participants interested in the subject of sustainable development and innovation in the trade fair and exhibition industry. Details of the Challenge for all innovators were also announced and the call for applications was launched.

The webinar began with a presentation by Anna Aalto from JAMK University of Applied Sciences from Finland – the main coordinator and leader of the BioBoosters project. She presented the concept of the project within which Targi Kielce Hackathon is organized. The participants learned about the methodology of conducting a bioeconomy hackathon and the steps of the process. In addition, the achievements and successful previous hacakthons in other countries of the Baltic Sea Region were presented.

More details HERE and on BioBoosters Linkedin Profile

The first presentation was “Challenges of the exhibition industry related to the green transformation” by Beata Kozyra Ph.D. – Member of the Board of the Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry. In a very interesting form, she presented the current trends and good practices related to the green transformation in the exhibition and exhibition industry in Europe and in the world. This presentation made it very clear that this is an industry that thinks about the environment and takes real steps to reduce the environmental pressure of the organized events.

The second presentation was “Bioproduct as the player of the future” presented by Anna Woźna PH.D. from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology. During the presentation, participants were able to learn about very inspiring examples of the introduction of bio-based products, which is an extremely important step towards the replacement of fossil fuel-based materials.

The last speech was given by the Marketing Director of Targi Kielce, Małgorzata Róg-Giacosa. In her presentation she presented the history of the company and the current activities of one of the largest trade fair centers in the region. The key moment of the webinar was the presentation of the Challenge faced by all innovators who want to submit their idea and take part in the Targi Kielce Hackathon.

The challenge of the Targi Kielce Hackathon is to propose innovative and more environmentally friendly product and/or technological solutions for covering the surface of various types of floors for the exhibition industry, implementing the principles of circularity. We are looking for a bio-based product with similar properties to the currently used carpets or a recycling technology that will result in a product that can be used by Targi Kielce or other entities in the existing or new value chain.

Challenge details HERE

Presentations from the webinar:

  1. BioBoosters project – Anna Aalto, Jamk University of Applied Sciences
  2. Challenges of the exhibition industry related to the green transformation – Beata Kozyra, Polish Chamber of Exhibition Industry
  3. Bioproduct as the player of the future – Anna Woźna, Wrocław University of Science and Technology
  4. Presentation of the Challenge for Targi Kielce Hackathon, Małgorzata Róg-Giacosa, Marketing Director of Targi Kielce

If you have any questions about the Challenge or participation in the Hackathon, please contact us directly to:

Damian Kuznowicz / +48 600 435 424 /

Anna Gajek / 41 345 32 71 ext.810 /

Monika Jedynak / 41 365 13 60, 797 339 431 /