ul. Zakładowa 1,
25-672 Kielce



Air travel

The Masłów Airport in the direct vicinity of Kielce is the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship’s main airborne transport hub. 

The airport is available for small planes, light aircraft, helicopters  etc.

 The airport is equipped with:
– runway of 1155 by 30 meters rollout sections at its ends
– a grass runway of 900 by 250 meters.
– high intensity approach lights DS 1 – both directions and threshold edge lights DS , DS and DK

Within approximately 150 km from Kielce and Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship there are 5 airports.

Radom (70 km) Krakow (116 km), Lodz (146 km), Katowice (154 km), Warsaw (181 km), Rzeszow (157 km)

Choose one of the 7 international airports located within the 180 kilometre radius from Targi Kielce,  the nearest airport — Radom.

Car travel

– Direct access from the Kielce ring-road – take the exit at the intersection of the S7 express-way and the 74 national-road.

– Drivers will find sign-posts in the Kielce ring-road as well as in the city streets for the shortest and the easiest route to the Targi Kielce exhibition grounds and car parks.

GPS Coordinates: 50° 53’ 56,47’’ N, 20° 35’ 20,57’’ E

Address: TARGI KIELCE S.A., Zakładowa 1, 25-672 Kielce

– Outdoor parking spaces in the fairgrounds next to the East Entry Terminal and the West Entry Terminals.

Train and bus travel

Kielce is a major node in Poland’s transport system. The train and the bus stations are only 10 minute-ride from the Expo Centre. We recommend taking a taxi.

Train timetable available at http://www.pkp.pl/en/

Public transport services

When in the city, you can reach Targi Kielce with the use of the public transport: MPK bus company – bus-lines:

  • 21, 25 (Targi Kielce stop),
  • 54112 (Batalionów Chłopskich III stop),

See the MPK Kielce bus timetables