The challenges will come from large entrepreneurs operating within bioeconomic value chains. They will be related to changing the existing business model and running a business towards implementing the idea of a circular economy. In addition, the challenge will meet the following conditions:

  • Economic activity in the Baltic Sea region
  • Business operations in bioeconomy value chains
  • The challenge concerns changing the business model towards a circular economy due to the lack of ready-made market solutions
  • Willingness and opportunity to continue working with the Hackathon winner to introduce new solutions to the market

Benefits for the company submitting the challenge:

  • Assistance in finding solutions through international business and research networks.
  • A new look at an existing challenge thanks to unconventional ideas from cross-sector experts, SMEs, start-ups and research teams.
  • Expert support in further development of ideas and commercial implementation of solutions.
  • Tangible business benefits and sustainability impact through established R&D&I and commercial partnerships.
  • Positive impact on the company’s image in terms of sustainable development and building a brand and image as an employer.

Our offer for Challenge Provider

Tailored, guided, & efficient service for discovering solutions & potential partners

Out-of-box ideas & learning new perspectives on the challenge

Experts’ know-how & support for idea testing & commercialization

Positive visibility for the sustainability mission & building employer brand

Launch RDI & commercial partnerships to support your sustainability mission

Examples of potential challenges:

  • identifying potential business opportunities for biological waste side streams to create new value chains
  • identifying bio-based materials that will replace non-renewable or harmful materials/identifying more sustainable alternatives to current biomaterials and raw materials
  • identification of potential business opportunities for using bioresource data
  • developing data-driven decision-making to improve the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the use of biological resources
  • identifying appropriate (ICT) solutions to create greater value for customers

The company providing the challenge also:

  • Participates in the Hackathon evaluation, providing us with feedback
  • Participates in communicating the impact of the Hackathon process in written or video form
  • Approves the content of the Impact Story publication showing the impact of the winning solution(s) on sustainable development