We invite representatives of innovative companies, start-ups, scientific research teams and student groups to submit their ideas for the challenges!

Participating in a Hackathon offers many benefits:

  • Collaborate with other companies and specialists interested in the same field;
  • Make international contacts in the field that interests you;
  • Test your idea with direct feedback from your prospect and discover how to tailor your idea to end-user needs;
  • Develop the commercialization potential of your idea and discover new business opportunities with the support of mentors;
  • Gain international visibility for your know-how

Our offer for Challenge Provider

Acid test your idea with direct feedback from a potential client

Establish connections & network with other companies and specialists

Apply experts’ know-how & support for idea testing & commercialization

Get international recognition & visibility for your team’s knowhow

Launch new RDI & commercial partnerships & access market opportunities

As part of the project, a total of 18 Hackathons will be organized in 9 countries of the Baltic Sea Basin. Polish innovators will also be able to take part in foreign Hackathons. It is possible to refund part of the costs of participation in an event abroad.